My Fave Pali Brands That Give Back


Ok so I am just going to get into it today! Below my top 5 brands that are either Palestinian or help Palestinian refugees:

  • BabyFist

    WHO A brand born in Palestine with a physical shop in Ramallah, they strive to support local businesses by having their products produced in Gaza.


  • Founded by a Palestinian woman

  • Uber cool designs with meaning

  • 10% of their profits go towards menstrual education for young girls

  • They are all about empowering women and starting a very important dialogue

  • They are relentless and organise various community based projects

    CHECK THEM! To know more about what they do (I only scratched the surface) and to see their beautiful designs, head to insta @babyfist

  • Watan Palestine

    WHO? Starting out in Chicago as A Palestine arts inspired shop and studio, they have now evolved into curators and educators of Palestinian history, art and culture. In addition, they are fostering a youth movement supporting Palestinian youth in diaspora to express themselves culturally in a way that has meaning to them.


  • Their designs are truly beautiful and cool- also funny! (Check their cat with Kuffiya design)

  • They reimagine traditional art in modern way and often with a sense of humour

  • They provide an unparalleled resource for those of us living in diaspora wanting to connect culturally. I mean they have a free women’s library with books and other texts available!!

  • They support social causes with profits from some of their events, fundraisers and products


  • SEP Jordan

    WHO? Short for Social Enterprise Jordan- this is a SEP dedicated to empowering Palestinian and Syrian refugee women from Jerash camp through vocational training, providing an opportunity for employment, leading the women to economic empowerment. **Jerash camp is also known as Gaza camp and has been in-situ since 1968


  • Again another brand started by a woman!

  • Beautiful designs, where they have reimagined traditional Kuffiya scarves with traditional Palestinian Tatreez (embroidery) providing an elegant and vibrant accessory with meaning

  • They empower women in a sustainable way and offer fair and supportive working environments.

  • It’s not just the women in the camp who benefit, they employ 400+ refugees from the camp, from all ages, including youth and men from the camp.

  • They are committed to being environmentally and eco sustainable.


  • Sitti Soap

    WHO? A brand that sells traditional Palestinian Olive Oil soap, handmade by refugee women. Again, another social enterprise, assisting Palestinian refugees in Jerash camp.


  • Their name! Sittie means grandmother in Arabic and you automatically conjure up feelings of love and warmth.

  • Their products are beautiful, made from the best olive oil, which is locally sourced and all of them made with love.

  • On each box is the name of the woman who made your soap, instantly connecting you to the women in a very tangible way.

  • They provide various training and educational opportunities for the women, including English, computer skills and scholarships.

  • They are a model for building sustainable, long term and meaningful impact for the women of the camp.


  • PaliRoots

    WHO? A Palestinian brand that creates products to reflect the Palestinian culture and heritage, whilst empowering the Palestinian community, both in diaspora and within Palestine.


  • Their energy is infectious!

  • They have created designs taking traditional motifs and made them modern and their own

  • They give back to the community in various ways, including organising and participating in many local events

  • They have incorporated social impact into their business model and to date have funded various projects including backpacks and school supplies for children in Gaza, chemotherapy treatment for children sick in Palestine, Water for Gaza and many more!!

  • They aren’t just a brand, they have created a community and most impressively a movement!

    CHECK THEM! you do NOT want to miss their videos of trips to Palestine OR their music collabs! Seriously, they have created a model for all of us wanting to establish a social business that helps our beautiful people.

Featuring Pali Roots T Shirt, Baby Fist Jacket, Sitti Soap, Jerash camp View, Baby Fist ‘Not your Habibti’ T and above Watan Palestine T worn by me.

Amira Nimerawi